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Wild Horses Action Week July 2018

-1/ #WildHorse spay study looks like medaival torture-it is. by @BLMNational & @ColoradoStateU Comment Mare Spay Research Project Lead(541) 573-4555 BLM Burns District Office Mare Spay Research Project Lead 28910 Highway 20 West, Hines, Oregon 97738  TWEET   0/ @BLMNational & @ColoradoStateU plans torturous spay research w/ #WildHorse mares: tearing out ovaries. Comment FAx: 541-573-4411 …

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SAFE Act (HR 113/S 1706)

1/  #WildHorses r NOT Overpopulated. #WelfareRanchers want 2 push them out of OUR #PublicLands. TaxPayers want 2 STOP subsidizing ranchers. We need Congress 2 pass SAFE Act (HR 113/ S 1706) #VoteSafe #SaveOurWildHorses @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops @ABC  TWEET 2/  DO NOT buy into #WelfareRancher’s propaganda. #WildHorses r NOT overpopulated. (72K vs. 11Million Cattle on the range.) RoundUps …

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Appropriation Committee

Appropriation Committee Republicans 1/ @USRepRodney @RepHalRogers #WeAreThe80% who PROTEST using our tax for scientifically not supported, incredibly cruel & unnecessary #RoundUps. Cheapest to leave #WildHorses on #PublicLand. #Livestock manifold outnumber them, yet we have enough place.  TWEET 2/ @Robert_Aderholt @RepKayGranger No more tax$ for #AnimalCruelty, scientifically not supported #RoundUps. #WildHorse overpopulation is #WelfareRancher’s propaganda: …

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Save Our Wild Horses

1/ @SenThadCochran @SenatorLeahy @mcclatchy Pls let us keep our #PublicLands. Let #WildHorses roam free. It’s cheaper than keep them in holding facilities. Ecosystems keep balance: population growth is not infinite. #VoteSAFE  TWEET 2/ @SteveDaines @SenBennettCO @AppropsDems BLM’s “Appropriate Management Level” is an arbitrary number, lacking any scientific basis. #WildHorses are not even competitors for #Livestock …

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