July 2019 archive

Public Land Use Sub-committee

1/ ‪@lisamurkowski‬ ‪Pls postpone 7/16/19 #PublicLand Subcmte Hearing until equal number of actual #WildHorse Advocates are in the panel.‬ ‪The panel is full of Rep Stewart Public Land subsidy creating, wild horse killing buddies.‬ ‪#WeAreThe80%‬ pic.twitter.com/8pHDTPiOeW  TWEET 2/ @SenJohnBarrasso Pls postpone #PublicLand Committee hearing: No actual #WildHorse advocate on the panel, only Rep Chris Stewart wild …

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Presidential Candidates – #WildHorse

1/ @JohnDelaney if U want 2 “find lost America”, PLS find fair treatment 4 iconic #WildHorses. They belong 2 our #PublicLand. Freeze BLM policy/spending. #PathForward2020 is highway 2 extinction. “AML”=27K=population in 1971➡️ alarmed Congress 4 WHB Act. pic.twitter.com/BI8vXxHet TWEET 2/ @BilldeBlasio, “working ppl 1st”, but innocent animals matter too. 10 western states had 1-2 Mill …

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