Presidential Candidates – #WildHorse

1/ @JohnDelaney if U want 2 “find lost America”, PLS find fair treatment 4 iconic #WildHorses. They belong 2 our #PublicLand. Freeze BLM policy/spending. #PathForward2020 is highway 2 extinction. “AML”=27K=population in 1971➡️ alarmed Congress 4 WHB Act. TWEET

2/ @BilldeBlasio, “working ppl 1st”, but innocent animals matter too. 10 western states had 1-2 Mill #WildHorses a cent. ago – now 10 Mill + cattle, & ~ 80K horses. BLM & Cattle Industry put them in #PathForward2020 that is highway 2 extinction. VOTE NO!   TWEET

3/ ‪@JayInslee Ur grandchildren won’t have chance 2 meet #WildHorses if #PathForward2020 becomes law.‬ ‪Highway 2 extinction.‬ ‪Backdoor bill by beef industry in order 2 grab our #PublicLands 4 themselves.‬ ‪FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM policy/spending! TWEET

4/ @TimRyan If you felt not heard – I am sorry, it’s tough. How unheard of #WildHorse mares pain was after they lost 101 foals by stillbirth & 34 by euthanasia at BLM cruel #Roundup. FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM WHB policy/spending. #NoPathForward2020  TWEET

5/ @TulsiGabbard Half Moon led family what he hoped away from chopper 2 security. He serviced others-as U promised in Ur debate. #WildHorses need our voice/support. Beef industry pushed 4 back door bill #PathForward2020 that leads extinction. FREEZE BLM.  TWEET

6/ @JulianCastro “Promise of America” involves #WildHorses whose back it was built. We want healthcare, education & jobs, but we need them too in #PublicLands. SAY NO 2 #PathForward2020: highway 2 extinction. FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM policies/spending.   TWEET

7/ @amyklobuchar U listen & get things done-we love it. Pls clean up the mess after what BLM did w/ #WildHorses. Overpopulation is lie: millions ran free centuries ago, now “Appropriate Management Level” is 27K? Say NO to #PathForward2020. INVESTIGATE! TWEET

8/ @CoryBooker We love what U do 4 animals; e.g. Wolf Letter. #WildHorses need U 2. Overpopulation is lie: millions ran centuries ago. #PathForward2020: highway 2 extinct. Appr Mngmnt Level: 27K=Genetically non-viable herd sizes. FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM!  TWEET

9/ @BetoORourke Not only immigrants, foals r separated from their mother, never reunited. We need Ur help 2 treat them fairly. #WildHorses belong 2 our #PublicLand. Overpopulation is lie. #PathForward2020 is highway 2 extinction. FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM.  TWEET

10/ ‪@ewarren I love Ur passion toward the poor & weak. These animals w/out voice need U more than humans.‬ ‪Overpopulation is lie: millions of #WildHorses ran free centuries ago.‬ ‪#PathForward2020: highway 2 extinction.‬ ‪FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM!‬ TWEET

11/ @ericswalwell I love that U love Ur children. These children [foals] r loved by someone 2. If you want Urs 2 see these ones, U better: INVESTIGATE/FREEZE BLM policies/spending. #WildHorse overpopulation is lie. #PathForward2020: highway 2 extinction.  TWEET

12/ ‪@marwilliamson You’re right, love have more power than fear.‬ ‪We need many loving hearts 2 stand up 2 BLM brutal & dishonest mismanagement of #WildHorses. ‪#PathForward2020 beef industry backdoor bill leads 2 extinction.‬ ‪FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM!‬ TWEET

13/ @SenatorBennet Ur empathy & good intention 2 build back shatterd lives is needed 2 help our #WildHorses whose life/freedom & family is in jeopardy by BLM.‬ ‪#PathForward2020 is highway 2 extinction.‬ ‪Overpopulation is lie.‬ ‪FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM ‪  TWEET

14/ ‪@Hickenlooper U r rightfully proud of Ur achievements U have in CO.‬ ‪Pls make sure #WildHorses have treatment they deserve.‬ ‪Overpopulation is lie.‬ ‪#PathForward2020 is a backdoor bill.‬ ‪We want them in our #PublicLands-not private livestock.‬ ‪‬  TWEET

15/ ‪@SenGillibrand We love how U stand up 4 women.‬ ‪Pls keep in Ur mind other species’ mothers too.‬ ‪No kidnapped foals w/out their mothers w/out shade! ‪#NoRoundUps‬ ‪FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM.‬ ‪#PathForward2020 is a systematic extinction plan.‬  TWEET

16/ ‪@AndrewYang U seem so practical. Does it makes sense‬? ‪635.6 mill acrs of #PublicLand‬ ‪#WildHorses use 42.4 mill ‪#Livestock (private) use 155.5 mill. ‪10 mill+ Cattle-80K horse.‬ BLM want horses removed. ‪#NoPathForward2020‬ ‪FREEZE, INVESTIGATE!‬   TWEET

17/ @KamalaHarris U’re ready 2 resolve many issues. 1 abt #WildHorses: 635.6 mill acs #PublicLand #WildHorses use 42.4 mill #Livestock use 155.5 mill. 10 mill+ livestock vs 80K horse! BLM brutally removes horses 4 holding facilities. #NoPathForward2020  TWEET

18/ ‪@PeteButtigieg my hope is Ur generation: #SaveWildHorses.‬ ‪635.6 mill acs #PublicLand‬ ‪#WildHorses use 42.4 mill, ‪#Livestock (private) use 155.5 mill.‬ ‪10 mill+ livestock-80K horse.‬ ‪BLM removes horses. ‪#NoPathForward2020‬ ‪FREEZE, INVESTIGATE!  TWEET

19/ @SenSanders our national icon is in peril cus special interest: #Beef, #Fossil #Mining #Industry. They stealing our #PublicLand w/#PathForward2020, removing #WildHorses. Thye’re 80K vs more than 10 mill #Livestock. Pls help 2 keep them wild & free.   TWEET

20/ @JoeBiden which America U want 2 be in together: Natural, wild & free, like #WildHorses’ #PublicLand or the overused, degraded , trampled muddy meadows where #WelfareRanchers overgraze? #WeAreThe80% who want horses. #NoPathFroward2020! FREEZE BLM   TWEET

21/ ‪@GovernorBullock pls consider the data in this pic. BLM is a rogue agency in the pocket of #Beef, #Mine & #Fossil industry. We need U 2 help #WildHorses 2 stay in #PublicLand. Overpopulation is lie: no census, no data 4 years‬. ‪#NoPathForward2020   TWEET

22/ @MikeGravel #WildHorses need peace too like us. They r under attack by #PathForward2020. Although: 635.6 mill acrs #PublicLand #WildHorses use 42.4 mill, #Livestock (private) use 155.5 mill. 10 mill+ livestock vs 80K horse. FREEZE, INVESTIGATE BLM!   TWEET

23/ ‪@WayneMessam In 10 Western States #WildHorses r in dire need: #PathForward=slow extinction. ‪635.6 mill acrs #PublicLand‬ Horses use 42.4 mill,‬ ‪#Livestock (private) use 155.5 mill.‬ ‪10 mill+ livestock vs 80K horse.‬ FREEZE, ‪INVESTIGATE BLM!‬   TWEET