Wild Horse status quo & cry for help for the new House/Senate

1/ Unacceptable. Unfair. Instead of BLM-per Wild Horses and Burros Act-the #Public pays & Sanctuaries provide protection 4 #WildHorses 4 the request of #WelfareRanchers. You can change this atrocity. #StopTheRoundUps @TeamCNN @TweetCongress @SenateFloor pic.twitter.com/DK3n5dWwdK  TWEET

2/ #PublicLands r 4 wildlife & #WildHorses, not 4 #WelfarRanchers & their PROFIT. We want you 2 help us 2 keep OUR LANDS and SAVE OUR WILD HORSES. #NoRoundUps! Do not cater 4 #WelfareRanchers. @congressdotgov @SenateFloor @HouseFloor @reuters @nytimes pic.twitter.com/XHgrsyhtAU  TWEET

3/ Believe it or not, #WildHorses are sentient beings. They have right for LIFE, FREEDOM & WELLBEING. BLM allied with #WelfarRanchers violate their rights, as well as the 1971 Wild Horses & Burros Act. #NoRoundUps @SenateGOP @CBSNews @NatResources pic.twitter.com/dain7r5h84 @BBC  TWEET

4/ #WildHorses live in family units: 1 stallion protects his harem of mares& foals. Their bond is strong. At #RoundUp BLM separates members: as if Ur family would be spread up. #NoRoundUps! #WildHorse in #PublicLands! @HouseNewDem @USProgressives pic.twitter.com/TWzWXuyfHY @MSNBC  TWEET

5/ After #RoundUps, #WildHorses living in holding facilities, while #Livestock grazing 4 subsidized grazing prices in OUR #PublicLands. Our SYMBOL OF FREEDOM does not belong behind fences. #NoRoundUps. @usreprodney @TGowdySC @RepJoeWilson @PattyMurray @AP pic.twitter.com/ZFpgSg1t5V. TWEET

6/ Managed 2 extinction. WHy? They don’t compete w/ cattle. Don’t destroy land. Eat the dry upper part of grass. Prevent fire. They r 72 K vs. 11 Mill. Livestock. They CAN live WILD & FREE in our #PublicLands. @SenStabenow @SenAmyKlobuchar @NBCNews pic.twitter.com/KCtK3djlj4 @CBS  TWEET

7/ Grass in #PublicLands is free 4 #WildHorses. @BLMNational gather them & keep in holding facilities. #Livestock allowed to graze; $1.41 “AUMs”-that is tenth of the price that of private pastures. #NORoundUps. @SenCortezMasto @SenatorBurr @SenThomTillis pic.twitter.com/ihg5ymHEjz  TWEET

11/ @SenatorHeitkamp @SenJohnHoeven @SenSherrodBrown @senrobportman Pls consider the facts: we finance #WelfareRancher’s grazing in OUR #PublicLand. We rather want #WildHorses there. #NoRoundUps @thedailybeast @MotherJones @business @ALDF @NRDC  Pic.twitter.com/2pkEkGfBqV  TWEET

8/ We finance #WelfareRanchers. They pay in #PublicLands $1.41 for a month of grazing. They “bought” BLM to eliminate #WildHorses – unnecessarily. Pls help us save them. #NoRoundUps @SenatorLankford @senJamesInhofe @SenJeffMerkley @SenatorTimScott @CNBC Pic.twitter.com/4WgqIfCoTa  TWEET

9/ BLM & #WelfareRanchers lie about #WildHorse overpopulation. They are way “underpopulated” compare to other wild equines in similar arid areas. In OUR #PublicLand grazing is free. #NoRoundUps! @SenatorRounds @SenJohnThune @SenAlexander @SenBobCorker @ABC pic.twitter.com/T1tAmvOyKo  TWEET

10/ ‪Spending our $ 2 gather & keep #WildHorses while grazing in #PublicLand is free: makes no sense. Unless, U r working 4 #welfareRanchers who want 2 eliminate them. We want our horses WILD & FREE. @SenMikeLee @PattyMurray @SenatorCantwell @JoeManchinWV‬ Pic.twitter.com/2sLTaJ8gMY  TWEET

11/ ‪We protest the #RoundUps & the purposful separation of mares & foals. It’s same way traumatizing for them like kidnapping our children from us. They ARE sentient beings. #NoRoundUps ‬@AP
‪@SenCapito @SenRonJohnson @SenJohnBarrasso @SenatorEnzi @MSNBC ‬Pic.twitter.com/fntk6X71ie  TWEET

12/ Watching how family is stolen. Why? Spaces r vast. Grass is enough. #WildHorse’s condition is good. Losing their life/freedom/family for #WelfareRancher’s greed. #NoRoundUp @SenDougJones @SenShelby @lisamurkowski @SenDanSullivan @SenTomCotton @NPR Pic.twitter.com/7hjKRfyqEs @CNN TWEET

13/ ‪The bond between family members are strong. We have no right ot separate them. Keep #WildHorses WILD & FREE in our #PublicLands. (Btw: it’s free.) #NoRoundUp! @SenRubioPress @sendavidperdue @SenatorRisch @SenToddYoung @SenDonnelly @MotherJones @CBC pic.twitter.com/WcC8Vd5RfP  TWEET

14/ 72K #WildHorses graze free in #PublicLands, not in competition with 11 million subsidized #Livestock. They wander further, eat dried grass, prevent fire. Keep the WILD & FREE. #NoRoundUp @SenPatRoberts @SenateMajLdr @SenJohnKennedy @SenAngusKing @axios pic.twitter.com/2XcaWuWZ8O  TWEET

15/ ‪Fillies leave the band they were born into @ their first estrus-abt 12-15 mo. Colts leave 2 bachelor herd several years later. Until, they stick 2gether w/ mom, aunts. Roundups ruin their natural social ties. WILD & FREE in #PublicLands #NoRoundUp pic.twitter.com/pkUzVT1jKC @MSN  TWEET

16/ ‪This colt was kidnapped by @BLMUtah when 3-4 months old. Normally colts leave their native band after several years. Mom was treated by PZP (pesticide) & released back w/out foal. Traumatic for both. #WildHorse in #PublicLand: FREE. #NoRoundUps! @CBS pic.twitter.com/SKUNeVGSTt  TWEET

17/ ‪Band stallions R protecting the #WildHorse family from predators/rivals. Often there is 1, sometimes more belong to the band. Removal disturbs natural structure of the family unit. Their natural habitat is OUR #PublicLands. #NoRoundUp @NatResources pic.twitter.com/T6JboyPnpQ @AP  TWEET

18/ After #RoundUp @BLMNational separates band members by age/gender, breaking up social ties. Makes no sense but torturing them further after hight speed chase, lost habitat & freedom. We want #WildHorses in #PublicLands. @tweetcongress @MotherJones pic.twitter.com/tBwLBSADlq @CNBC. TWEET

19/ Stallion protects,lead mare leads #WildHorse band. Others can initiate movement, but she is the 1 followed more often. Band members have strong personal ties. #NoRoundUp that destroys family units. #PublicLands 4 wild ones, not 4 #WelfareRanchers. Pic.twitter.com/i0SydA4pAz @AP  TWEET

20/ ‪@BLMUtah plans #RoundUp @ Onaqui HMA.‬
‪Area: 205,394‬ acs
‪AML: 121-210‬
‪Grazing:~2600 AUM
‪#NoRoundUp #PublicLand‬
‪@RepRobBishop @jasoninthehouse @CurtisUT @RepMiaLove @RepChrisStewart‬
‪@SenOrrinHatch @SenMikeLee‬
@KSLcom @CBS pic.twitter.com/Ygkxtdl0WU  TWEET